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Mezcal Aleron - Case - 6 bottles of 750 ml

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Artisanal Mezcal 100% Agave Cenizo from the state of Durango. Made from Cenizo agave (12 -14 years old), Mezcal Alerón uses traditional techniques that maintain the true aromas and flavors of our agave. Developed by our mezcalero master Arturo Conde, a 3rd generation mezcalero master. Sweet and floral notes stand out, accompanied by a light and elegant smoke. A smooth mezcal to enjoy on any occasion. With 40% alcohol volume. Sale of alcohol exclusively to adults. Avoid excess.

6 bottles of 750 ml

  • 6 bottles 750 ml of artisanal mezcal from Durango
  • 40% volume of alcohol
  • Produced and bottled with pride


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